5 ways innDex is leading the industry towards site automation

Picture of Giulia Papi

Giulia Papi

Marketing Manager

More often than not, construction professionals believe that making the transition from managing projects manually to automating processes is scarier than it actually is. Though it can be difficult, I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t give in to the fear of breaking out of the comfort zone. Room for improvement is huge and the pros surely outweigh the cons… Who am I kidding – what cons!

1.     innDex ≣ Access Control on steroids

Our first product was based on the induction process, more specifically, how frustrating the traditional approach to inductions is.
Usually, anyone’s first day on site consists of sitting in a room filling out paperwork.
Let’s do some maths: if we consider the average person spends one full day (10 hours) a year inducting on new projects and receives an hourly wage of £11.29 (this is the current UK average construction wage – crazy!). We know that there is a workforce of 2.4m: this amounts to £270m spent in a year just on inductions. In this instance time clearly is money. innDex allows users to create a one-off profile in minutes: personal details, health questionnaire, working arrangement, and qualifications/competence (verified automatically using external databases) which can all be input before arriving on site, where workers can then induct with a couple of taps. This obliterates the need for lengthy paperwork, as well as reducing your business’s carbon footprint as a whole. #bargain

inndex contactless site access control system in action

2.     Project Management = Execution

Once personnel have been inducted onto the site, tasks start rolling and it can be easy to lose track of progress; in fact, according to a research conducted by Aarhus University in Denmark, “up to 66% of the day on a construction-site is dedicated to anything but actual building work”.
innDex allows Managers to access real-time project lifetime dashboards and progress reports, all while sitting at their desk (= saving more time and money taking less trips to site) this, combined with daily diaries, asset management and many other features, ensure full site transparency, effortlessly driving up productivity and speeding up the rate of task completion.Also, thanks to our fatigue management tool, managers can keep track of workers, their safety, and their physical and mental health.

3.     Project Management software ≠ a costly investment.

I see where you’re coming from.

The price tag that comes with these sort of products can often be the reason why some companies keep putting off switching from manual processes. The solution has been developed to benefit organisations of any size and maintains open APIs for integrating existing and valuable systems. We operate by sitting down with our clients to discuss and explore their ideas as well as their concerns and as a result, we scale prices to guarantee equal value for all and allow every single contractor to maximise their ROIs upon suiting the innDex software to their needs, also allowing seamless integration with any hardware that was acquired beforehand.That way no investment is meaningless.

the inndex mobile app in action

4.     pRoJeCt MaNaGeMeNt SoFtWaRe ArE hArD tO uSe

PM software is supposed to ease admin burden and streamline processes without affecting the learning curve related to using them. Both the innDex app and the desktop platform are intuitive and easy to use, with a very user-friendly interface they make the transition from traditional spreadsheets a lot less intimidating. Ensuring smooth adoption by everyone on site, project managers will easily be able to control 100% of project interactions with just their fingertips. Upon choosing innDex our team will quickly get you up to speed and walk you through all the tools to ensure you can benefit from the full potential of our solutions.

5.    (bonus) innDex = your innovation partner 

 Rather than just offering an off-the-shelf solution, we believe that the key to a successful, working relationship is collaboration. That’s why we act as your innovation technology partners, we’ve been there, we know what the industry lacks and how to fill those gaps allowing project teams to stay focused and work in an effective, goal-centric fashion. We value your ideas, and your feedback is essential for us to continue to evolve. Working with our clients innDex now offers over 25 features all aimed around improving communication during the construction phase of projects. 

If you’re still thinking: “I don’t need a Project Management software…”, personally I agree, you don’t need a software… you need innDex. It’s an investment that will drive your business’ efficiencies to increase by 400%. Acquiring a new skill is never a bad thing, site automation doesn’t make you replaceable: it makes you powerful.