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Familiar Faces

innDex is constantly growing, and we are here to support your business...
meet some of us

George Smithies Co-Founder

George is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 8 years industry experience working for both contractors and consultants. 
He graduated from Cardiff University and later founded innDex with Aaron.

Keen on pushing and contributing to the innovation, sustainable practice and the digital age of construction.

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Aaron Vousden Co-Founder

Aaron co-founded innDex in 2018 to make it easier and more affordable for construction businesses to innovate and streamline their on-site and overall company processes.

He has 8 years of experience working as a Civil Engineer main contractors and sub-contractors.

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Dan Gallen Chief Growth Officer

Having worked on-site as a labourer, bricklayer, and site manager he understands the challenges we all face.

For the past 5 years his focus has been bringing about digital transformation within the construction industry.

Dan is now helping to drive team innDex forward, as we strive to build a better tomorrow.

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Giulia Papi Marketing Manager

Giulia heads up our Marketing efforts at innDex.

When she had spent some time learning about Digital Construction, she couldn’t help getting excited about our mission here.

Resilient, determined and creative, we see a really bright future ahead.

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Joe Vousden Product Designer

As our Product Designer, Joe is in charge of branding and user interface/experience (UI/UX) design.

A young, hungry designer; Joe is excited about digitalising the construction industry with innDex.

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James Ainsbury Operations Manager

James is a Civil Engineer, graduating from Brighton University with a First Class Honours degree, and joined a tier one contractor after graduating. Now 4 years later he is Operations Manager for innDex.

Bringing a wealth of experience of working closely with both contractors and consultants, James is now playing his part to build a better connected construction community, using digital tools to improve efficiencies on and off site and drive real change in our industry.

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Our Story

george & aaron inndex civil engineer

Every story has a beginning, and so does ours!

innDex was an idea conjured up out of pure frustration experienced by two friends from Wales, Aaron & George.

Both passionate Civil Engineers, straight out of University, they started on their journey in the construction industry that would eventually lead them to innDex. The guys spent the first few years of their construction careers immersed in some of the UK’s most exciting and interesting projects varying in size and complexity, from Bridges to Railways, High-rises and Nuclear Power Stations.

Although the passion for construction grew, so did the frustration with how the industry was operating. We were and still are in the middle of a monumental tech boom, and it seemed there was still a clear disconnect between the construction industry and technology, with construction running on primarily manual processes. In addition, there was evidently a disconnect between all stakeholders of a construction project with lots of silo working and very limited information and data being shared from top to the bottom of the chain… hence innDex was born.

We are driven by a vision to build a better future of ConTech

From Day 1, our mission was to improve construction and empower the people. We strive to empower every single member of the project team, eliminating silo working and keeping everyone on the project informed and connected.

Our approach also resonates beyond the platform to the relationship we form with every single one of our clients.
We partner with them, empowering them to share their ideas, brainstorm solutions and ultimately develop tools that fulfil their needs and the needs of our industry. By collaborating and integrating with both our clients and other solution providers we can work together to tackle any challenge, no matter how big or small.

Fast forward to a few short years later, we are now lucky to be working collaboratively with some of the brightest minds within the industry, helping our clients and partners, building a future we can all be proud of.