innDex & Mid Group Shortlisted for the “Best Use of Technology” Award by Construction News

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Mid Group’s approach to construction has always been digitally-driven, using MMC on all sites to drive value into each project from day one, and Carnival Place is no exception.

A new residential complex is being built by Mid Group as part of the Wokingham Borough regeneration plan. The borough council wanted to experiment and embrace new technologies as part of its low carbon development plans; by targeting operational carbon neutral for this building the council is working towards their vision of a carbon net-zero borough by 2030.


Using innDex on site not only has improved workforce safety and productivity, and connected the whole supply chain.

It has also has proven to be an excellent strategy for the project team that is now observing improvements all across the board.

They also observed significant behavioural benefits: the innDex system drives collaboration and transparency across the entire supply chain, enabling managers to monitor site activity in real-time, from anywhere at any time


Time Taken
Decreased 75%
paper usage
Decreased 100%


traditional inductions


Digital Inductions play a key role in improving productivity on site; when considering that one induction carried out the traditional way takes around 2 hours to complete, as opposed to less than 5 minutes on the innDex App, the average project experiences an increase of 1400 productive hours. The site onboarding process is also boosted by facial recognition access control (also powered by innDex) providing immutable proof of presence, more accurate information of the hours worked, and improved safety thanks to contactless technology.

Site Inspections are carried out a lot more smoothly, cutting down time taken by 75% and use of paper by 100%.
Near misses can also be raised and recorded seamlessly from any device, and alerts are sent out to workers automatically. Everything being manageable and accessible from the innDex App ensures connectivity and the whole team on site can be maintained informed in real-time.

Daily Diaries and Progress Photos enable the creation of a real project timeline, where managers can monitor progress and workforce productivity remotely. Project managers can see what happened every day without constantly having to get in touch with site managers and fill in paperwork and progress updates, getting tasks done faster and more efficiently 

Dashboards offer a better picture of site activity, also making KPI tracking easier: the evidence is presented clearly and is more intuitive than raw data (spreadsheets) driving meaningful and evidence-based decision-making.

Introducing innDex into our project has released huge amounts of time from our project team and empowered everyone to work safer, in a more sustainable fashion, helping us track our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions effectively.

The ease of use is what drew me to the system, in an industry where implementing change is challenging at best, I knew that ensuring the mobile application and dashboard portal was simple to use and offered extremely powerful integration with ease would be a game changer for the project and the uptake of the system throughout the delivery team and supply chain.”

Picture of Tom Rowson

Tom Rowson

Project Leader