CSCS GO Smart Withdrawal – What’s Next?

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Uyên Dang

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

CSCS is withdrawing the GO Smart online card checker as of 31st March 2024, when their new service CSCS Smart Check will come into effect officially. As a CSCS IT Partner, innDex will now utilise these new APIs. This will enable you to continue to automatically verify your workforce competency cards on innDex.

What’s changing?

After the 31st of March 2024 only CSCS, CPCS and CISRS cards will be verified through the CITB card checker. The new integration available from CSCS will allow for a wider number of schemes to be automatically verified through the innDex Web Portal.

To re-emphasise, CITB Levy payers can continue to use the automatic CITB card checker on innDex as normal.

The new CSCS integration requires a tri-partite licence agreement to be established between each customer organisation (‘Service User’), innDex (‘IT Partner’) and CSCS (‘Licensor’). This is to ensure each API Key is being used as agreed and for its intended purposes. innDex will facilitate the billing and licence process for you; please get in touch with us to find out more.


This update will allow some of the enhanced benefits from the current innDex < > SmartCheck integration include:

Support for 43 schemes in total, including the 13 already supported by the old Go Smart integration.

Download of the operative’s photo from the card, to use it as their operative profile photo on innDex, if one is not already present.

Automatic download of all qualifications from the back of the card, where supported.


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Contact us as soon as possible if you’d like your company portal on innDex to be integrated with CSCS Smart Check to facilitate automatic verification of operative CSCS cards on the innDex portal.

We will then be able to coordinate the completion of the tri-partite licence agreement and API integration between CSCS and your innDex portal for you, along with the billing process.

innDex inductions