How can we implement track & trace on construction sites?

George Smithies

George Smithies

Civil Engineer

To #stopthespread of the virus and prevent further lockdowns we all need to take personal responsibility and work together. There are lots of things we can do to help, the most effective include; social distancing, washing our hands, wearing a mask and adhering to the guidance provided by the government and the UK Construction Leadership Council

This link provides some extremely useful information from the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety for employers about how they can implement track & trace in their workplace. These videos by the NHS are also extremely useful in helping explain track & trace, why it’s important, and the benefits for the country.

At innDex we have focused on developing technological solutions to help support construction and facilities management companies to tackle the crisis. We have taken various steps such as providing our software platform, introducing touch-free access control, thermal cameras, and enabling digital track & trace. Our approach to developing technology responses has been focused by four principles; implement best industry best practice guidance, keep it simple, ensure secure data storage and cost effective to implement.
We have developed a range of options which include: 

  • Eliminating paperwork and replacing it with digital systems. This increases accuracy, enables the data to be more securely stored, accessible remotely and shared as required. 
  • Removing contact surfaces (card readers and finger biometrics) from construction site entrances and replacing them with non-contact facial recognition. 
  • At the request of our customers we have installed thermal cameras to screen large amounts of people at busy site entrances.
covid test samples

We have rolled out our technology on numerous construction sites and facilities across the UK. These range from power stations in Wales, factories and building sites in London and emergency railway works in Kent.

Based on the feedback from our clients and the evidence from the usage of our platform the benefits of our approach are as follows: 

  1. Project teams can easily maintain accurate digital records of who was on site and when.

  2. Users can easily analyse and export the data if there is a suspected Covid19 outbreak that impacts the project. 

  3. Data can be analysed by company, trade, person, date, time etc. to identify anyone else who might have been affected.

  4. Access to sites can be more easily monitored and controlled using digital platforms. 

We have worked with our existing customers to develop our response to Covid19, pivoting and leveraging our existing platform and not invented something completely new.

We have also removed the risks from traditional access control systems by making touch a thing of the past. We have also ensured that the platform can be used as an accurate and effective track and trace mechanism with easily viewable data, allowing our customers to effectively prevent the spread of Covid19 amongst their workforce. 

We are really proud of our efforts, helping our customers keep their sites open, safe and Covid19 free whilst continuously developing new and innovative solutions to help manage their sites more productively. 


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