Is a Better Connected Workforce a More Sustainable Workforce?

Giulia Papi

Giulia Papi

Marketing Manager

The impact of the construction industries workforce directly influences all 3 pillars of sustainability. The vast majority of industry professionals spend their time working away from home, commuting long distances and are often posted in remote locations (to improve infrastructure), leaving the industry with a huge sustainability question.

innDex is striving to better connect our workforce to give businesses a greater awareness of their projects and employees. More specifically for their employees, they will have access to data driven CVs giving an overview of employees’ location, working history, skills, training, experience and competence.
This is a step in the right direction towards better planning of workforce movements, future planning of tender opportunities and also better placement of investment into training and up-skilling.

‘Knowing our People’ (or employees) and harnessing their skills, needs and wants is vital to ensuring in their productivity, creativity and retention.
With millennials and Gen Zs being the future of our industry; what should we be doing to both attract them into construction and keep them there?

Punit Renjen, the CEO of Deloitte Global: “The results of our own survey this year indicate that the rapid social, technological and geopolitical changes of the past year have had an impact on millennials’ and Gen Z’s views of business, and it should be a wake-up call to leaders everywhere.
These cohorts feel business leaders have placed too high a premium on their companies’ agendas without considering their contributions to society at large. Businesses need to identify ways in which they can positively impact the communities they work in.”

By mapping skills, competence and experience geographically we start to measure and predict the impact of projects at a Social, Economic and Environmental level.

We are currently supported by the Welsh Government, Allia Future Business and NatWest and are engaging with the Institution of Civil Engineers and Network Rail, trying to make a change in the industry.
We welcome with open arms anyone else interested in getting involved.