Is your digital transformation strategy only including 7% of your workforce?

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Giulia Papi

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Seems like the fear of digital adoption is becoming a thing of the past now, with more and more companies investing exponentially in Project Management, BIM and other tools to facilitate office work.

While these solutions are valid and result in evident ROI they only help that 7% of the industry who work behind the scenes. The remaining 93% work on-site, experiencing first-hand the impact that lack of smooth communication has on their job.


A report by Tait Walker states that the net profit margin in the construction industry has almost halved over the last five years, while worker’s salaries increase 2% year on year.

The construction sector is suffering a skills drought, with a productivity loss of 3 hours, per worker, per day: which amounts to over £70 million lost across the UK industry every day (this equates to more than £18bn… this is the equivalent to building a new Crossrail every year)* 

*(calculations based on data by indeed and the Office for National Statistics)


Construction is the second least digitised industry in the world. 

Did you know that 47% of construction managers still use manual methods to collect essential project information? And did you know that, on average, 30% of the total data created on a construction project is lost by the time of completion and 95% of all data captured goes unused?

Smoother communication and process automation are the reasons why we have technology, but sadly, the digital revolution has yet to land on-site and in the hands of the vast majority of your workforce.

Nowadays 97% of field workers own a smartphone, so a huge investment to provide them with physical tech is no longer needed; mobile phones are carried on-site just like a drill or a hammer.

The industry is crying out for more talented people to choose construction as a rewarding career but how can you continue to attract, retain and future proof your business if you are not embracing modern technology? 

It’s a simple equation really:
a better-connected workforce = a more efficient + productive workforce


It won’t be long until site-automation becomes “the new normal” (we’ll write more about that later) but, unlike a few trailblazers like GRCL, Readie, or Alun Griffiths who successfully dove headfirst into digital adoption with innDex, many companies out there still appear intimated by the power of ConTech.

The biggest hold-up seems to be the aggressive rate of innovation that tech systems are affected by and the most common question is “will the investment I make today be relevant tomorrow?” Thanks to our open API innDex can seamlessly integrate into Procore, EverCam, Smartsheet and tens of other existing software, ensuring our clients get maximum value for money.

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