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ISG was contracted to build Bridgend College’s STEAM Academy. The Academy, located at the main campus in Pencoed (Wales) will be used to teach the subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Although the innDex system was integrated into the project later than usual (a Covid-19 response project).
The team at ISG has observed significant improvements.


The innDex Software, integrated with Thermal Imaging Cameras as well as Non-Contact Facial Recognition systems allow entrance to site to be faster, smoother and safer. Digital inductions paired with access control allows the project team to save upwards of 10 working hours per week, automating record-keeping which ensures compliance requirements are met effortlessly.

Using the transport and workforce management tools the environmental performance of the site has been improved by 10%.

The in-app and desktop features enable the tracking of distances travelled to and from site as well as recording vehicles’ CO2 emissions, driving CR-OS decision making to actively reduce operational carbon emissions.

Implementing innDex across the project has contributed to an increase in site safety of 21%.

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innDex’s robust contactless Site Access Control system, together with automatic temperature monitoring, makes the site fully compliant with Covid-19 measures, allowing the team to feel safe when working.

Within two weeks, we also developed a plant safety module specific to the project as an add on to innDex’s asset management tool. The tool allows the ISG team to easily manage the vehicles that are coming on and off site. The feature is set up to notify the relevant parties when vehicle certificates are expiring as well as allowing the sub-contractors on site to carry out their vehicle daily inspection checks all from the innDex app. 

ISG’s response was nothing but positive and their team is now working alongside ours to refine a system tailored to the company’s needs with the aim to deploy the innDex software on other ISG projects in the near future.

I would like to thank the innDex team & Aaron for their fast response on-site. We asked them to develop a plant safety management system which was built in a couple of weeks. This response time exceeded our expectations, and great flexibility by innDex to work with our site requirements.

Picture of jackson turmel, hsqe advisor

jackson turmel, hsqe advisor