Leading the Way in Rail Construction: The GRCL and innDex Partnership

CLIENT: Global Rail Construction Ltd
OPERATIONS: uk, ireland, australia

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Back in 2019, Global Rail Construction Limited (GRCL) embarked on their digital transformation journey with innDex. Going company-wide in early 2020, they implemented the system across all new projects. Fast forward to today, we have maintained a solid relationship with GRCL; not only as their digital solutions provider but as their innovation partner

“Effectively, since our journey began with the innDex technology, there are no legacy projects remaining within our business that do not use innDex, all our projects are innDex biased.”
Kevin Wilson
Senior Contracts Manager, GRCL

With GRCL being early adopters of the innDex system, its use has now become an integral part of their business process. Holding regular sessions with the team, the system helps concretise their priorities, always iterating and improving. Marco Lombardelli, Managing Director at GRCL says: “To be honest, we consider innDex to be our system, because it’s now tailor-made for our business.”

By centralising all information in one platform, the software has also contributed to streamlining communication and documentation. With all timesheets, Work Package Plans (WPPs), Task Briefings, Toolbox Talks, safety documents (and more) being handled through innDex and readily available on any device, anytime, anywhere. GRCL has managed to reduce paper-based processes by 88%.  As a result, they are heading towards becoming a fully paperless business, with environmental efficiencies improved upwards of 23%.

Reduction in Paper-Based Processes

Reduction in Paper-Based Processes

Environmental Improvement

Environmental Improvement

streamlined processes illustration

From an administration point of view, moving away from paper and as an example, production of periodic electronic timesheets, has significantly simplified administration, reducing the lead time from 3-4 days to a few minutes. It results in shortening processing periods by over 87%.  That is therefore, easing the burden of chasing operatives for missing information. Since registration information is available to download  after every project communication, it also reduces risk of data inaccuracy.

Time Reduction 87%

“Our senior leadership team can access all required information in real time, by a few taps on their keyboard or app. Whereas previously, we would have to rely on a phone call or wait for the progress report and updated programme to be generated and issued back to the office or inbox. We now have access to this live data, available 24/7, throughout 12 months of the year.

This has made an incredible difference to our business and the way we are able to report progress to our clients. The added value is there for all to see.

The access to key information including deployment of staff, sub-contractors, program and project updating and general contract administration is like the difference between day and night, in comparison to the way it was before, if I am being absolutely honest.”

As part of the large number of Projects that GRCL are involved with, the site teams carry out a lot of their core critical works throughout the weekends and overnight.

It is a legal requirement to ensure that everyone is inducted before setting foot on site. Since having many specialists and subcontractors to work on weekend periods, induction was the main challenges for GRCL. However, innDex system allows onboarding process become 60% more efficient. It is also easier to implement, which gives the project teams a lot more assurance and peace of mind with regards to their teams’ safety and wellbeing.

All of the above has resulted in increased transparency and easier communication between GRCL and a lot of their clients, such as Atkins and Alstom who are also innDex users, although their focus is more centred around time and fatigue management, filling the Principal Contractor role.

“The compatible technology is a real step forward as they [our clients] can access key and essential information in real-time, further enhancing our collaboration and close working arrangements with our clients.”
marco lombardelli managing director
Marco Lombardelli
Managing Director, GRCL

Overall, innDex has been and continues to be a valuable asset to GRCL’s business processes, significantly increasing productivity and streamlining communication and documentation. The company is now heading towards a paperless environment and continues to work closely with innDex to improve and innovate its processes.