Tech Threads: ODGroup’s Integrated Success Story

Specialty: Office fit-out

ODGroup is a main contractor specialising in office fit-out. They boast a well-established history of bringing projects to life with integrated, high-quality design and twenty years of experience. Continuously aiming to be at the cutting edge of digital transformation in Construction, they sought to incorporate technology into their daily operations. This has not only revolutionised the ways they run their sites, but also aligns with their human-centric values.

innDex has worked together with ODGroup and our partners SustainIQ, BidWork, and Procore to develop a series of integrations that have streamlined processes for their business. Building an interconnected system that captures real-time information to provide effortless data monitoring that allows informed decision-making.

“For starters we’ve greatly cut down on our induction time. There was no kickback on any of the subcontractors or the workforce resisting using it”
Jaspreet Sahota
Quality and Compliance Manager

"We wanted to lead sustainable changes in construction as a business. Our old operations weren’t fully aligned with this vision and we constantly looked for alternative solutions.

Our initial driver to change was improved collaboration, transparency and a desire for people to perform better. The innDex + SustainIQ integration has been incorporated so seamlessly, making the training process much easier while enhancing engagement within our workforce."

ODGroup were looking for ways to improve:

Their induction process which was fully paper-based, time-consuming and labour- intensive.

Data capturing & reporting: “This one was a tedious task as no one could provide all the ToolBox Talks and RAMS centralised in one place, and also integrate with the other systems we use. We wasted a lot of time waiting around for data to be put together through various admin tasks.” says Lorna Killick, Head of Business Operations.

Attendance record-keeping and time management. Everything was previously done manually, therefore it was very difficult for ODGroup’s construction managers to report who was on site, when, and for how long.

Briefings were delivered in a mundane manner where creating, distributing, and collecting safety briefings was entirely paper-based. 


Digital Inductions & Clock-In

“We avoided paying for fictitious labourers or exaggerated timesheets. innDex has positively changed the way we interact with our labour suppliers.”
Lorna Killick
Head of Business Operations

innDex allows operatives to create their unique, personal profile with all essential information including the workforce’s certifications and skills. The innDex profile becomes everyone’s “construction passport” and, paired with our digital inductions, it ensures that the workforce is qualified for the job and briefed and familiarised with the project before one even sets foot on site.

With the site teams clocking in upon arrival, managers can easily see who is on site and where. This also provides them with full access to competency management data. Knowing their workforce’s qualifications enables ODGroup to efficiently address workforce deployment and training across different sites, while also having access to a single-source of truth to accurately measure actual man-hours.

ODGroup is leveraging is the integration between innDex and Sustain IQ for carbon tracking and their journey to net zero.

By being integrated with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) the innDex system automatically gathers travel data from registered vehicles (based on number plate). On top of that, by integrating with Google Maps we calculate mileage to easily work out the transportation carbon spend of people, plant, materials, and waste to and from site.

This combined with the carbon data from the actual materials used to build, alongside the waste created, helps measure our clients’ exact carbon footprint on a project by project basis and push it through to SustainIQ. This process greatly assists with generating Scope 3 reports for ODGroup, offering a clearer understanding of their environmental impact as a fast-growing business. As a result, stakeholders can calculate CO2 emissions, implement improved waste management strategies to enhance resource efficiency, and promote biodiversity.

Carbon Tracking

“One of the missions is to cut admin time for both people on site and in the office. innDex allows us to cut down on collating lots of ESG reporting data, significantly reducing our time spent on putting reports together."
Osama Morad
Sustainability Assistant


“The integration offers real-time monitoring that comes in handy. Our goal is to be a market leader in innovative operations, making that cutting-edge reality for construction.
Reports are there and accessible for everyone to reflect on. It’s really easy when everything is at the touch of a button”
Lorna Killick
Head of Business Operations

Data seamlessly flows between the SustainIQ + innDex systems, creating an effortless workflow for collecting and managing crucial project information. Daily diaries and time management data play a pivotal role in this dynamic, providing an immediate snapshot of on-site activities in real-time. By compiling this information, stakeholders gain immediate insight into the project’s status, allowing for timely decision-making and improved overall efficiency.

Our innovative data solution captures information from different sources of a project and combines them all together in one place. Data fed into ODGroup’s Business Intelligence system helps paint a more transparent picture across all aspects of the business, accommodating for trend analysis and forecasting. Moreover, this eliminates data silos and inaccuracy due to excessive amounts of admin tasks.

The transformation of ODGroup’s operations through their use of integrated technology has not only improved efficiency but has also paved the way for more sustainable and environmentally responsible construction practices. As we look ahead to the future of construction, embracing technology sustainably is an obvious competitive advantage that sets ODGroup apart in the game.

Lorna Killick says: We don’t have any systems right now that we use that don’t speak to each other. The integrated systems have been seamless in streamlining the process and revolutionising the way we run our sites

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