Vision Fabrications Reduce Their Environmental Impact by 30%

Client: Vision Fabrications
Operations: UK, ireland

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Vision are a creative and forward thinking steel fabrication and installation business with the capacity to deliver high value and complex projects throughout the UK and Ireland from design through to installation.


  • With innDex’s real-time virtual dashboard it’s possible to monitor all sites simultaneously, in a remote manner. This saves the business time, money and time spent on the road going between sites, checking progress and quality.
  • Overheads reduced as less time is spent undertaking quality checks and inspections both at the fabrication workshop and on site. 
  • A clear record of all materials is kept and maintained from when it arrives at the fabrication yard to when it is signed off by the client on site.
  • Daily reports are available in the cloud and can be managed remotely, saving the time and costs of unnecessary trips to and from sites, while contributing to the reduction of Vision’s carbon footprint.


co2 emissions reduction

saved every week

saved every week


As the managing director at Vision, I am now able to undertake less visits to the fabrication workshop for reviewing quality and undertaking inspections as these are now able to be undertaken remotely from home. This saves me roughly 300 miles of driving a week. In time I believe it will also mean I will undertake less site visits to ensure the client team are happy and also for any snags and re-works as a robust quality trial is now in place. I believe I can cut my company's CO2 emission by 30% in terms of travel/miles on the road.

Picture of barry lyttle, managing director

barry lyttle, managing director