5 ways innDex combats behavioural/social management issues

Shanza Khan

Shanza Khan

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

At innDex we know the biggest asset the industry has is our people. Our digital workforce management system focuses on putting people first, improving productivity from the get-go, and driving several behavioural benefits across the entire supply chain.

We’ve outlined what we believe to be the five most important ones. Do you agree with us?

1.     Fight Fatigue

innDex’s fatigue management software is essential to mitigate risks and concerns amongst the workforce. It aims to improve productivity levels and wellbeing, by enabling employers to implement and enforce Working Hours Policy regulations.

The innDex system eradicates prolonged working hours, and unnecessary workloads, providing workers with a better work-life balance and alleviating the physical and mental strain caused by long shifts. This not only improves individuals’ mental health, as they are not drained and made to work tirelessly, leading to a decrease in errors, accidents, ill-health and injury but also means employers are able to get the maximum benefit from better performing and energised workers.

fatigue construction stats

2.     Empowerment = Motivation = Performance = Retention

innDex aims to reduce employee turnover and churn rates, through a better understanding of the workforce. Employers are able to see the workers’ individual skill sets and qualifications, allowing them to be better appreciated and given tasks that they can excel at. This makes workers feel considered and acknowledged by the management teams resulting in a higher retention rate. 

The ongoing skills crisis coupled with Brexit has caused the availability of skilled workers to drop. In contrast, many others have gone into retirement or have left the trade, making workforce retention imperative. innDex actively contributes to empowering the workforce, increasing productivity levels as workers are familiar with the business, and decreasing downtime such as training new recruits more often.

4.     Social Value Added

Better understanding your workforce, their individual skill set and qualifications and improving the collection and visibility of project data is the first step towards retaining your current workforce successfully. The innDex dashboards allow you to visualise and measure the “locality” of your workforce with respect to a project, helping you to directly manage and tackle not only fatigue requirements but also to meet your Carbon Emission targets. 

fatigue construction stats

3.    Our Values: Transparency and Collaboration

The innDex system drives collaboration across the whole supply chain, enabling managers to monitor site activity in real-time, from anywhere at any time. This not only reduces managers’ burden and need to physically be on-site to keep up-to-date with a project’s progress, but also alleviates pressure from the workforce that feels more trusted, less controlled, and empowered to perform better and more efficiently.

values transparency collaboration graphic

5.     Real-world benefits – go on global

innDex has made enormous progress with a multitude of companies, including Global Rail Construction Limited, who have rolled the system across their entire business. Making especially good use of our fatigue management tool. Prior to using innDex, GRCL experienced, on average, 20 weekly working hour breaches per project. They were able to adapt to the new system and responded quickly, bringing the number of breaches down to zero by the end of the first month of use.

At innDex, we are providing the tools for a better-connected workforce, cutting across the industry so that our clients can access real-time insights and KPIs to make informed, data-driven decisions towards improving their workers’ safety and mental health.

What else can we do to empower our workforce? Join the conversation.