Konnecting the Dots

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George Smithies

Civil Engineer

Construction sites are targeted by criminals. According to the CIOB, 92% of construction companies have experienced crime onsite, with theft, vandalism and health and safety negligence the most common. Consequently, the industry suffers a substantial financial loss each year from crime. 38% of companies suffer a loss of at least £10,000 a year, with 9% of companies losing more than £100,000 a year. The resulting financial penalties, with increased insurance premiums and project delays, can have a crippling impact.

Traditionally, CCTV has offered some value as a deterrent but is ultimately passive; incapable of anything more than recording the crime taking place. In addition to CCTV, we fit plants and vehicles with tracking systems and unique identification. Necessary precautions that many in our industry have already undertaken, that are untapped reservoirs of insight.

After investing in information gathering and tracking, we then choose to overlook the masses of collected data and accept the cost of criminality as an unavoidable outlay. Using the data retrospectively (if we can at all) locked in a cycle of reactivity rather than proactivity.

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Outside the realm of crime prevention, CCTV systems are under-utilised. The cameras constantly monitor site activities, but manual field reporting is used, which carries inherent inaccuracies and human bias. The necessary evil of security expenditure can be an investment in software and analysis that actively improves our construction practices. This allows us to recoup the cost of preventative measures by evolving them to a pre-emptive role. Automated activity monitoring, facilitated by these cameras, offers accurate reporting that inspires immediate action

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Make your hardware work harder with analytics

With their background in innovative construction technology, innDex sense the opportunity for existing hardware to pick up the slack, work harder and do more for us. innDex believe that there are answers in analytics and have connected with Route Konnect to integrate proven technologies from outside our industry to restore the strategic advantage to your business.

Idling on-site is a no go. We are all delighted to see a building site full of energy and movement. The manifestation of human endeavour. How often have we really stood and analysed how we move across site? With never-ending imminent deadlines, it is never a priority to stop and think of the actual traffic across site and standing and staring is never welcomed!
Double handling is rife, but accurate review and actionable critiques will drive improved performance.

This is where Route Konnect can step in, providing sensors and software that monitor the flow of people and vehicles in real time. To date, their innovation has focused on the road and rail sector, working with the Department for Transport and Transport for Wales.
Tackling delays, improving emergency vehicle response times and connecting autonomous vehicles. Showcasing the broad potential of the technology.

Their expertise, combining the ability to detect vehicles and people with the latest in construction technology analytics offers a powerful approach to tackling a variety of unique challenges: reducing manual operations and our carbon footprint; saving the construction industry time and resources.

Resource loading programs are pre-planned. Real-time data and accurate analytics allow for proactive management rather than reactive data dredging. Adopting the right software improves existing hardware from an Orwellian voyeur to a hardworking member of a construction team. Anticipating potential staff health and safety threats before they can create a significant problem.
Watching our respective teams do battle in the six nations, we make that extra effort to make that last ditch ankle tap when we know we are being recognized, appreciated and applauded for our endeavours.

Rather than be the armchair audience, innDex and Route Konnect allow us to coach a winning combination. The Gareth Edwards to Barry John of ConTech.

Contrary to the dystopian narrative, technologies can become more transparent and give you more control. From the stands it is easier to see the space, to evaluate movement, develop strategy and anticipate. Accessing real time data as the construction plays out and allowing the analytics to inform tactical decisions. Using automated activity and personnel tracking on-site to proactively inform project progress. Anticipating resource management and removing delay. After all, the best form of defence is offence.