Leading by Example: 5 Ways innDex is Making a Positive Impact on CSR

Giulia Papi

Giulia Papi

Data Intelligence Manager

In today’s business landscape, meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations has become a crucial aspect for all construction companies.

As a leading digital workforce and project management platform, we aim to offer solutions to assist our clients in fulfilling their CSR commitments.

Through our paperless approach, commitment to sustainability, and comprehensive CSR management features, we strive to empower businesses to make a positive social, economic and environmental impact while driving long-term growth and success.

Here’s how we do it.

1. CSR Obligations Management:
Customisable Inductions

Our powerful induction feature helps contractors effectively collect and manage their CSR data.

Inductions can be fully customised to include questions related to CSR goals, policies, and procedures. In other words, it encompasses local workforcesmodern slaverylong-term unemploymentEDI and armed forces covenant

By incorporating CSR-related content into the induction process, contractors ensure that all workers are aware of the company’s initiatives and values. This encourages them on site from the get-go. The feature also enables regular performance monitoring and assessment of CSR-related objectives.

2. Going 100% Paperless:
Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

As part of the innDex solution, we change the way businesses operate by eliminating the need for use of physical paper.

By adopting our digital tools, contractors streamline their operations. This not only improves efficiency but also reduces environmental impact by significantly reducing paper waste.

Going paperless aligns with our commitment to sustainability and promotes a more eco-friendly and cutting-edge approach to construction.

3. Commitment to Sustainability in All Aspects

We believe sustainability as a priority (but also a byproduct) of improved site operations.

In addition to being paperless, we actively capture data on workforce travel carbon data, vehicles, plant and equipment travel and telematics. We then integrate seamlessly with external systems to manage clients’ energy consumption. At a result, this process allows effective waste management strategies, sustainable products and services.

By collecting and effectively incorporating carbon data in our reporting, we help clients gain a holistic view of their project carbon footprint. This enables them to accurately report on BREEAM and Scope 3 emissions, and make informed decisions on how to reach their net-zero goals faster.

4. Driving Long-term Growth and Success through CSR Integration

Knowing your workforce is the first step towards retaining your staff and attracting new talent at the same time.

By facilitating the collection of relevant CSR data into our induction feature, plus the help of some of our integration partners such as SustainIQ, nutral and Skrap, we enable contractors to engage their employees and communicate the commitment to their values. This fosters a sense of purpose and shared responsibility among the workforce. Meeting CSR obligations not only positively impacts the industry and the environment but also enhances a company’s reputation and brand image. Through collaboration we can make a lasting social and environmental impact, driving long-term growth and success.

5. Responsibility as Corporate Citizens: Leading in Sustainable Practices

At innDex we understand that environmental consciousness is not just a passing trend, but a responsibility that every business should embrace.

We are continuously working towards reducing our environmental impact. As a company, innDex strives to be leaders in sustainable practices in the industry. By setting a high standard for ourselves, we aim to inspire our clients and partners to adopt similar initiatives. We prioritise sustainability, ethical business practices, and social responsibility as integral components of our company culture.

Our aim is to empower clients to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility obligations. Through the use of innovative digital tools and sustainable practices, we’re constantly striving to set an example for ConTech companies across the industry.

Through our initiatives, we hope to inspire others to adopt similar strategies. We are committed to reaching a more sustainable future, and creating an industry we can all be proud of.