innDex enhances workflows with Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration

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innDex, an end-to-end construction workforce management tool that automates critical industry processes including site inductions, access control, fatigue management, briefing documents, and permits, is pleased to announce an integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud®, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams.

innDex allows site teams to manage inductions, orientations, and pre-enrollment on projects (including automated competency verification and right to work checks), and uses access control systems such as geofencing/geolocations and facial recognition readers with turnstiles to ensure the correct operatives are on site. Project managers can use the platform to brief the workforce on Risk-Assessment-Method-Statements (“RAMS”) and Toolbox Talks, engage in real-time site communications, and raise health and safety concerns such as Inspections, Close Calls and more.

Project stakeholders can automatically feed real-time data from innDex directly into Autodesk Build®  or BIM 360® Project Home dashboards. This will then provide full visibility on on-site activities and allow project teams to make more informed workforce decisions.

Integration Summary

By integrating innDex with Autodesk Construction Cloud, project managers can tap into new levels of efficiency and collaboration, streamline on-site processes, and ensure that all project information is accurate and up-to-date. As a result, project managers can make data-driven decisions, improve project planning, and boost overall project efficiencies. 

The integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud provides better workforce deployment, and improved transparency.

Data available on the innDex App also flows through Autodesk Construction Cloud. This allows project managers to analyse workforce allocation on any given day. Moreover, essential information like qualifications and competencies is collected in innDex and displayed within Autodesk Construction Cloud for a full understanding of the workforce. Knowing who has done the induction and is on-site, and what qualifications they have is imperative to smooth operations.

The integration with Autodesk Build aligns with innDex’s efforts to promote health and safety practices.

Users can seamlessly toggle between the two systems and utilise them both for improved health and safety management across sites. By providing a standardised safety plan, innDex aims to reduce blind spots and risky situations on construction sites. RAMS, ToolBox Talks, and Briefings are also easily accessible through both apps, which helps increase the productivity of the workforce. With the innDex app, users can build and carry out inspections in just a few clicks. Using only one centralised data hub, innDex users not only have immediate access to previous inspections, but also can track ongoing issues from the dashboard. The integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud offers an upgrade to this process. In other words, data such as issues and incidents logged in either system can be seen in one place, helping stakeholders identify key trends while breaking down data silos at the same time. This helps enable prompt, informed decisions when it comes to proactive problem-solving.

Curious to know more about how innDex and Autodesk Construction Cloud can boost your construction project efficiency?