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Mid Group have been working for the last year with the Barts NHS Trust and the London Air Ambulance. They are delivering new accommodation for the Air Ambulance directly below the Helipad on the roof of Royal London Hospital.

This is an extremely complex project owing to the location, complex stakeholder requirements and nature of the construction works.


The purpose of the project is to enable the LAA to increase its capacity and ability to serve Londoners. The team is building a new office, training room and resting pods. The LAA operates a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) from the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. The helicopter can reach anywhere inside the M25 within 15 minutes. 

This is an exciting project with numerous challenges that are being resolved through a collaborative approach, with very positive feedback from the site management, sub-contractors and most importantly the construction workers on site.


innDex is contributing to smoothing the induction process. Speeding the onboarding of the workforce with our contactless mobile clock-in/out system, accessible straight through the innDex App.

With digital inductions the team has been able to reduce personnel onboarding time by 82%. Workers are able to pre-enrol and then access the site in just a couple of minutes: as part of the sign-in process, their location is logged in the system for compliance purposes and in case of an emergency and they are able to get to work straight away.

They are also making good use of the Site Inspections Tool, this has been developed over the period they have been working with innDex and they’ve now been able to test and advise on how it has been built.

Being able to record site issues and log them onto the app in real-time has contributed to simpler and more efficient processes and procedures. Everything is stored on the cloud so nothing gets lost. One single source of information, ensuring full transparency across the whole project team.

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“Via the innDex dashboard I can see in real-time how many people are on site and the number of supervisors and first aiders. I also have daily reports landing at the end of every day to monitor progress. This is invaluable when I am working from home.”

Richard kennedy

Richard kennedy

Project Leader

“innDex has been invaluable to successfully delivering all HSEQ aspects of the project. We no longer use paper forms, all operatives complete the induction and are vetted prior to coming to site. Every week we save 5–10 hours of someone’s time by not filling in forms.”

antanas matutis

antanas matutis

Construction Manager

“We’re glad to be doing our part in helping give back to the NHS; it’s empowering knowing that this project will bring enormous benefits for the health care service of our city, especially in the long term. We are excited to continue working with Mid Group and support more complex and exciting projects like this!”

george smithies

george smithies

Co-Founder at innDex


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