innDex & FM Conway – Digitising Westminster City Council’s Assets

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FM Conway has found a valuable innovation partner in innDex, their digital solutions provider. Working together over the past year, they have developed a best-in-class, all-encompassing asset management tool to boost efficiencies on projects and successfully manage the framework assets in line with the council’s requirements. This new asset management system includes tools such as digital inductions, geolocation sign-in/out, and digital briefings, combining them to effectively relieve site management burden, be fully paperless, increase efficiency and reduce project costs, all by raising the number of productive hours. This has now been utilised across several of Westminster’s high-profile and heritage structures, including Waterloo Bridge, Eros Fountain and The Victoria Embankment with great effect.

As part of the framework, FM Conway needs to inspect hundreds of assets every month, checking for anomalies across a wide range of parameters (temperature, exposure to rain). If any threshold is reached, the asset will need to be inspected more than once in the given period. This is all automated through the innDex App, with assets located on a map, and alerts being sent out in real-time every time an inspection is due and instant route mapping to ensure the responsible person gets to site quickly.


Once on-site, everything is manageable through the innDex App: routine inspections built within the system are fully customisable, fitting any asset requirements. Records for the entire framework are easily accessible, allowing the creation of an accurate project timeline and providing the full historical data of when assets have been checked and the outcome of every respective inspection. This allows for a clear overview and smooth project management throughout its entire lifecycle.

The Framework Manager has full visibility across all assets, when they were last inspected, and what maintenance was required. Information can be accessed remotely and in real-time, without needing to constantly try to get in touch with the Site Manager and relieve the physical burden of having to visit sites in person. Moreover, to substantiate any internal requirements, WCC also has access to the innDex platform to check the progress/quality of works, also remotely, allowing for constant communication between parties.

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Given the nature of the framework requires the same inspections to be carried out every week, the innDex platform can also be used to carry out Trend Analysis. This is done by detecting patterns to mitigate any recurring issues, with the teams using this data to take evidence-based actions, ensuring that the right assets receive the necessary attention when needed.


The asset management system is being continually improved in line with innovative technology and is being developed to feed in camera analytics. Including information on how many people use a specific asset to understand and improve maintenance. This flow of valuable data will allow the teams to make informed decisions, update inspection requirements and gain a better understanding of the framework’s assets, mitigating issues such as avoiding the closure of vital London infrastructure while reducing carbon spend and project costs.

Our long-term goal and vision are to create a “one size fits all” model which can be used to successfully forecast inspection requirements on more frameworks. Future frameworks will be run and operated entirely through innDex: one single source of truth and an effective way to drive efficiency, productivity, and collaboration across project stakeholders and the entire supply chain that can be utilised across the industry.